is a perfect makeup, not only reflected in the face, reflected in the dress, but also embodied in the hand. My sisters are very love Manicure, almost every 2 weeks will go to the store once a Manicure. Manicure stores usually small shop area, but also to the customer Manicure time is not long, half an hour to complete, is to make money very fast good project. I want to open a shop Manicure to invest, how much you need to start Manicure shop?

Manicure shop need to how much money? (1) a low Manicure


After a large number of investors

social practice, to open a shop in the Manicure low income is relatively optimistic, a year down the average monthly net profit of 10 thousand yuan, such as street Wu Manicure shop in 2010, when a total of more than 20 thousand yuan investment. Including the monthly rent shops around 3000 yuan, a simple decoration of $4000, the purchase of about $10 thousand, hired 2 (its monthly salary of $2500). Due to the popularity of the popularity of the popular front, probably about three months to recover the cost. 2012 business the best monthly income of around fifty thousand yuan, there are less than 8000 yuan. Obviously, the Manicure shop is a small investment, big returns management project.

Manicure shop need to how much money? (2) to open a shop in the high-end Manicure

Manicure shop how much money, compared to the small investment, short cycle and low Manicure shop, senior Manicure store large investment, long return cycle.

According to the

Manicure designer said, this is important because Manicure Senior Shop and the sales volume take different routes, it is important to spend in the face of the population between the ages of 25-35 years old the more powerful economic strength, the people of Hong Kong people higher white-collar. The location in the high-end Manicure shop, is a beauty salon or upscale residential district. The shop area is bigger, about 20 square meters; and to decorate luxurious, expensive, let the customer in the Manicure when physical pleasure.

at the same time, the use of high-grade Manicure shop tools and products are also very exquisite, often need to spend lots of money from manufacturers ordering. As a result, a high-grade Manicure shop, the cost is relatively high. In general, high-grade Manicure shop decoration investment in 2-3 million yuan, investment tools, products in about 5000-10000 yuan, the total investment cost of about 5-10 million.

for Manicure, now many girls are very popular, and many shops open Manicure girls are from the beginning of his love to shop Manicure Manicure very slowly, I also learned the skills and methods of them, want to open a shop to Manicure venture. How much do you need to start Manicure shop? In fact, Manicure open shop investment cost is not too high, want to invest money, is very suitable.