environmental protection has now become a universal theme, and there are a lot of people are engaged in the environmental protection industry idea, so how to manage the environmental protection industry shop is more money? Small and share how to successfully open a green Home Furnishing shop.

open Home Furnishing protection products to join a brand shop, it will at any time long trust in our company, to listen to the guidance of the headquarters, headquarters with planning and management after all rich sales experience and scientific, but also their own key to operate according to the specific situation. Chinese there’s an old saying that "good master door, self-cultivation in the individual" ah, not to mention the shop. Just open the green home supplies, to let consumers know, it is necessary to promote.

publicity can clip newspaper, a newspaper clipping from print to the delivery cost, is about to be between 1 to 1 hair 6 hair 8, delivered to every household through the issuance of postal system and newspaper, was voted twenty thousand copies of it, the cost is 3000 yuan. Tens of thousands of copies of the newspaper advertisement clip is issued, there may be 1% to 5% of the customers will visit your Home Furnishing chain environmental protection activities, part of the product, special offer discount, parity in higher than the cost price basis, let the customer heart, and stimulate the customers desire to buy.

In fact, for the


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