snacks in the ribs to join the project in what business is relatively large? Xiao Bian bridge ribs feel very good. Bridge ribs, the Chinese delicious spread throughout the world, bring people a good quality of life. The bridge ribs and the hundred years old delicacy for the national promotion skills, open up a new road to wealth to lead more customers.

bridge ribs, from the Ming Dynasty Hongwu years, because Xu Da in Zhongshan Wang Qin Island (now Qinhuangdao city) a chance encounter is famous in the world, and had the inscription: Bridge ribs, the reputation of shanhaiguan. From generation to generation, is still a famous local snacks in Qinhuangdao. The bridge ribs had hundred years history, after the evolution and history of the secret of continuous improvement, has become a famous Qinhuangdao local enduring place, others can not imitate, no competitors in the same industry. Bridge ribs in the food and beverage industry has the most worthy of taste, best management, the most distinctive ribs and other reputation.

How much money

bridge ribs need?

bridge ribs core package of pure Chinese medicine materials, without any additives to ensure the health and safety of the products sold. Store the minimum investment of only 12800 yuan, but also an investment, lifelong benefit, need not pay any fee for subsequent headquarters. Most of the customers in the month to recover the cost of investment.

Xin Sheng Restaurant Management Co. Ltd. is committed to a hundred years old " bridge ribs " after 10 years of brand development, to create a small investment, quick effect, easy to operate stalls catering projects, with one hundred years, Zuzhuanmifang delicacy to win reputation, operation, to stall the takeaway snacks together with diners, a unique characteristic of winning a large number of investors.

bridge ribs, for thousands of consumers to create a delicious new enjoyment, broad market prospects, huge space for development. Bridge ribs investment, fiery, enthusiasm look forward to your joining, what is still hesitant, business opportunities in front of you, hurry up!

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