never underestimate any little thing, the same is true in the industry, every delicacy are based on the market certainly has its reason, and if this product will be bigger and stronger is a great thing. Let’s look at the Malatang by fortune people is how to do?

for small investment projects, the development potential is the biggest malatang! Therefore, many entrepreneurs have to have a strong interest in malatang! Here, we take an example to talk about how laid-off workers by Chongqing rich spicy taste!

the first step back to Xining, Marina brave and strong to take business. She traveled to Xining Xining tasted the high streets and back lanes, each corner of the malatang. In Xining City, North Branch Industrial and Commercial Bureau help, invested 2000 yuan to set up a Marina Mala shop, Ma Lina from dawn to dusk putting all his energy into the snack shop on business. She knew that only good taste, in order to attract more guests, business will be prosperous. In order to with good material, she is tasting a variety of spices, sometimes in order to make their own satisfaction, is often a stomach drink vinegar. When the night falls and the city is quiet for a while, she has to prepare for the second day business.

Malatang although seemingly simple, humble, but as long as willing to go to business, even a small industry as well, it will attract a lot of customers, so as to bring huge returns for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs do not want to start at the beginning of too much, down-to-earth to do every thing will be the best to open up their own business.