in our life, our life pressure gradually increased, we live in the home time is getting less and less, so, now the food franchise, is the darling of the food and beverage market. If you also want to have a brand of their own food franchise, you choose to enter the food market!

food franchise?

in the management, we must pay attention to sales, is to pay attention to the sale of food, which food is good to sell, which is not good to sell the mentality of several dishes, so you can advance stocking. At the same time, the number of sales of good dishes to do a detailed list, to find the most appropriate amount of food in advance will be good, good, good, and so on when the guests can be ordered to stir fry. According to the Taiwan number table clear, which table first order, clear order, in the kitchen in order to put a table, a dish of fried fried, don’t a table of dishes to make second table of dishes, as if the time delay is long. There is the difficult to fry, such as dry flat, and so on, in the final speculation, in the final analysis, is to ensure that each table to a few minutes after the fire must be put on the dishes, and then the most difficult to fry the last to him. In this way, should be able to take care of the.

in the management of food stores, the business should observe the use of raw materials in a timely manner. According to the operating conditions of the day appropriate to raise the necessary raw materials. A flood of raw materials, water, fire, oil etc. various alkali swelling method, according to the raw material condition, can choose the appropriate method of flood. The processing of raw materials according to the business situation, before serving can be properly processed complex materials, such as: kidney, squid, whelk, can improve the service speed and save manpower resources.

food franchise, is a strength of the market, but also the most competitive market entrepreneurs. If you are also very excited, then, hurry up! Don’t hesitate any more!