hot pot in the sea to win the sea is simply a myth in the business, small series before listening to an economic evaluation of the sea fishing is the key to winning it is that its employees understand customer psychology. It also tells us that the development of catering enterprises, it is important to find people. How to improve the hit rate of recruitment, attracting expert and the right people come to you


1 continuously improve recruitment standards

many restaurant owner now feel the restaurant people is more and more difficult, the new generation of 9095 spoiled, not willing to do the service industry. So put down the recruitment criteria, and even do not apply on the assessment, so that the future of services and security hidden dangers.

training teacher often referred to in the enterprise recruitment, will climb a tree: be sure to find the monkey, pig will delusion. Not everyone is suitable for the service industry, nor is anyone suitable for your business.

if a food company in the early days as the visibility is not high, not recruit first-class talent, so in the next recruitment must enhance the recruitment of reference, and stick to it, a stronger talent recruitment, the growth of enterprises will continue to accelerate. Some well-known food and beverage companies and even expressly require the human resources department, each into a group of newcomers, higher than the current level of talent.

2 companies should turn their talents to

in the talent market, we are robbed of the people, basically a passive talent, the characteristics of these people is that they do not look for work, are working to find them. Therefore, more and more recruitment to marketing closer, companies want to know what their selling point is.

If the

is for high-end talent, method can be used for a single point of breakthrough, selling point must be customized, height, individual needs, let the high-end talent feel in your business can be as big, and can help him to extend their own path of occupation.

if it is for a wide range of talent, catering enterprises can choose one or two widely spread selling points, the formation of their own unique image of the employer, to attract a number of people interested in you.

such as sea fishing on the staff of the authorization, any one of ordinary employees as long as there is sufficient reason to guest xianzhanhouzou discounts and free single, which makes the market professionals think fishing work is trust and respect in the sea, so as to choose the enterprise.

is another example of international famous chain Hotel Ritz Carlton, the slogan is: we ladiesgentlemen for ladies and gentlemen the sincere service, it will attract a number of the pursuit of work atmosphere and environment of talent.