for acquaintances shopping, different owners will have a different approach, and the attitude of the owners will be different. Some people think that it is an acquaintance, the price should be affordable point, and some people think is an acquaintance, but buying is a code, it should be the same. So, how to deal with acquaintances to buy it?

in the daily operation, a lot of times, to sell things to acquaintances always have a kind of feeling can not tell! Whether students, friends, colleagues or relatives and friends to buy things, as a retail household, do you sell or not to sell? How to sell? Sometimes you lower the price, others think you make money, do not cut their own face again and again.

how to deal with this problem? The acquaintance should not offer it? Here is a scene when I met an acquaintance to buy things:

remember that one day in September 2012 morning, a village uncle took his nephew to my shop, look at this product, see the kind of commodity, the election to the final selected 1 pieces, 1 pieces of MengNiu yoghourt Kangshifu instant noodles, 1 growth in milk, uncle is my father. When alive, more than and 20 years of good friend, uncle in the home to what you need to my shop to buy, for example, oil, salt, dried vegetables, egg…… My father is due to his friend’s face, uncle every time I buy groceries, I put things in the lowest purchase price even for him.

uncle came to my shop today, and I, as usual, still gave them the most favorable price, I took out the counter calculator, "ha ha, uncle, today’s total 136 yuan".

when Uncle nephew is about to pay for the bill, uncle, hey hey a smile: "sea deposit, this time I am a home! My nephew will give you 130 yuan! The fraction of 6 yuan will be removed well, do you think we would not go to the store to buy something, all the way you went directly to the store, the next time we come to buy."


said to my surprise, the moment so I can’t answer that, I do not know how to explain what is good, want to change, the heart is very contradictory."

to tell the truth, the things they buy are some of the famous brand, the purchase price of the basic unity, I did not earn 6 yuan of money, if you do not agree to the uncle, this will let him lose face to her nephew, and promised him, I don’t make a point, also lose money.

I hesitated for a moment, or received his nephew 130 yuan, and finally did not give uncle lose face.

I’m glad to send the two of them out of the store, and now I’m stuck in business. In the eyes of many customers, we set up shop owner is to >