life in the competitive market tend to lose the details determine success or failure, take the food and beverage industry, every detail of the restaurant is a direct impact on the consumer’s impression of your restaurant is the key point. The lighting arrangement of catering enterprises is a process of integration, to deal with the relationship between light and dark, light and shadow, real and virtual. Rudolf · Arne’s vision is deeper tells us that people are born with a visual compensation function, the catering enterprises should consciously the artistic structure of the lighting system, mobilize the people’s aesthetic psychology, so as to achieve the diet beauty and the beauty of the environment of unity.

lighting must be adapted to the business location, different catering enterprises have different lighting systems. McDonald’s, KFC and other Western fast food in China as a casual dining, dining objects are mostly women, children, light source system with bright, active. Traditional coffee shop, western restaurant is the most exquisite place, the lighting system to calm, soft for the United states. Different countries have different style, British style classical American style, not sticking to formalities need lamplight to cooperate. According to the China traditional dining restaurant, psychology, lighting thermal atmosphere should be brilliantly illuminated.

restaurant lighting also often remind people dining memories, if a restaurant lights, red lanterns, people must think the business is not Western-style food, this is the light plays in people’s impression that. Therefore, the lights and people to eat traditional memory coincide.

read about joining the theme restaurant decoration elements, to understand the theme of the restaurant to join the focus of decoration, as the theme restaurant to join entrepreneurs whether there is a feeling; read the note about joining the theme restaurant decoration, as the theme of the restaurant franchise managers are awakening? Want to join the theme restaurant decoration well, the reference Western-style food market other join theme restaurant decoration style is the key.