although it is not a difficult job to refer to a store with a suitable name, we can refer to the relevant methods. However, if you want to have a proper name, while the natural and more attention. So, what are the names of the hot pot restaurant?

(1) can not blindly pursue fashion. Some people think that fashion is the best way to attract customers and bring high profits. In fact, fashion is only a speculation in the operation. Hype products can be, but it is very dangerous to hype the enterprise name, because the popular fast, die quickly.

as a long-term operation of the hot pot shop, relying on a long-term business policy, rather than short-term speculation. Such as food and beverage industry popular "laosanjie" theme, with "the Great Northern Wilderness", "black land" customers door, turn Hula when a pile of "Southern wild", "yellow earth". However, the limelight is over, it’s only a "shortage" and "land", rather than "small potatoes" down-to-earth, one step at a time.

(2) non infringement. Tort is to bear legal liability and economic compensation. Not only is the false infringement, infringement is similar name. As for the "Quanjude", had "jinjude", "Quanjude", "de" and other forms of infringement, finally have been banned.

(3) can not be unfamiliar strange. Some people think that the use of unfamiliar words will receive Jones effect, but can not be correctly read the name of the customer will have what good reputation? The psychological effect of the bizarre is the stimulation, and the customer to the hot pot shop is to enjoy the service, rather than seeking excitement.

(4) with name and place name. In the use of place names, we must make the local unique flavor and the characteristics of the hot pot restaurant dishes, or would rather not. In addition, there is no special place names, will reduce the uniqueness of the font. In the use of names, people consider the social impact and visibility, and Hot pot shop whether has the exclusive right to use, such as visibility is not high, there are negative effects or prone to legal disputes, would rather not.

(5) registration. A good name, must go to the Hot pot store is located Industrial and Commercial Bureau for approval and registration procedures, approval and registration in order to enjoy the exclusive right.

Hot pot shop operators in Industrial and Commercial Bureau receive the "application form" pre approved by the corporate name, identity, and submitted to shareholders sponsor or organizing unit qualifications, the applicant and the documents designated or entrusted, and other documents submitted. In the "application form" pre approved by the corporate name, according to the priority order to fill out the five good name submitted Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

Hot pot shop operator attention should prepare at least five pre good name, and to make.