college students have been the concern of the whole society, this is a special group of entrepreneurs, the state has introduced corresponding policies to encourage college students to start their own business, the policy has been introduced, college students continue to hit the entrepreneurial boom.

2014 in December 10th, the party secretary of Nankai University Xue Jinwen to the school Ji Ying innovation practice base to visit students entrepreneurial team, encourage students to emancipate the mind, dare dares to temper themselves in practice, and said, to form a strong entrepreneurial culture and atmosphere in Nankai, to meet students’ Entrepreneurship in the difficulties and needs of school will give strong support.

Student Association of science and technology, students’ entrepreneurial class association composed of community organizations to promote creative sharing, to mentor group, course library education system to promote innovation in college students’ entrepreneurial skills, innovation and entrepreneurship practice base base system base, student growth and innovation experience, to create a comprehensive service support system for students of innovation and entrepreneurship.

2014 in October, the Nankai University alumni, relying on their own educational resources and social resources held the innovative education project "seed entrepreneurship camp", adhering to the "classification of education, cultivating the relay" principle, to entrepreneurship education curriculum as the main line, convergence of entrepreneurial elements and resources to place students, in different stages of Graduate Entrepreneurship Development alumni, tailor-made training programs, from conception to entrepreneurial business plan, from the start of practice to start pre incubation, to provide one-stop business services, and strive to achieve extensive docking with external resources, its purpose is to accelerate the growth and development of seed students entrepreneurial projects.

entrepreneurship camp across the campus, for the global recruitment of tutors, covering the construction of the various fields of entrepreneurial mentor library, according to the curriculum design for the hiring tutors and tutor.