the weather is cold, winter began to come in handy, although in the apparel market, almost every brand will have a winter. However, some professional winter brand is undoubtedly more worthy of people’s trust. Below, let Xiaobian to introduce the winter ten brands list for you, so that you can choose when to be more satisfied with the good product of winter.

winter ten brands list NO.1, Bosideng: founded in 1975, the national trademark protection, leading brand, one of the largest China / the most technologically advanced garment production enterprises, Bosideng International Holdings limited.

winter ten brands list, NO.2 Ordos: founded in 1979, China brand-name products, export inspection, large-scale modern enterprise group, Chinese enterprise 500, Inner Mongolia Ordos cashmere Refco Group Ltd.

winter ten brands list NO.3, Hengyuanxiang beginning in 1927. The time-honored, national trademark protection, the national enterprise technology center, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of wool, Hengyuanxiang (Group) Co. ltd..

winter ten brands list, Eral NO.4: national protection of trademark, the famous trademark of Zhejiang Province, ten brand down jacket, large enterprise groups, fashion leader, Eral group Limited by Share Ltd.

winter ten brands list NO.5, Rimula K-BOXING: founded in 1980, the state trademark protection, China 500 most valuable brands, Fujian famous brand, famous brand in Fujian Province, Rimula men’s Limited by Share Ltd.

winter ten brands list NO.6, Septwolves: founded in 1990, the famous trademark of Fujian Province, the provincial high-tech enterprises, listed companies, ten large leather goods brand, Fujian Septwolves industry Limited by Share Ltd.

winter ten brands list NO.7, nanjiren: national trademark protection, Shanghai famous trademark, Shanghai famous brand underwear, ten brands, the industry’s most competitive brands, nanjiren textile (Shanghai) Technology Co. ltd..

winter ten brands list NO.8, three Chinese: won the famous brand, Shanghai famous brand products, Asia leading underwear manufacturing base, industry famous brand, Shanghai three gun (Group) Co. ltd..

winter ten brands list NO.9, Kaiser KAISER: national trademark protection, Chinese brand enterprises to develop national light industry standard "standard" leather clothing, leather leading brands, Kaiser (China) Limited by Share Ltd.