we all know, during the Spring Festival in the city of Nanjing, is prohibited fireworks, but there is still a small vendors selling fireworks. Then in the recent campaign, according to reports from the clues, Nanjing city seized the illegal transportation, storage, management, fireworks case 58, 13 people in administrative detention, administrative fines of 15 people, 46 people to stop education, seized more than 1400 boxes of fireworks inferior.

According to the

of Nanjing city during the Spring Festival fireworks ban special rectification action deployment, at the turn of the year, all levels of law enforcement departments to strengthen the work of the deployment, strengthen the responsibility to implement rapid publicity and guidance, strict law enforcement inspections, investigating a number of illegal personnel, seized a number of illegal fireworks, to achieve the "jinfangou withstand, non ban control stand", continue to maintain the good results of the ban. Especially during the Spring Festival holiday, Nanjing city law enforcement forces dispatched more than 3 people, all kinds of inspection units, communities, streets and other places, more than 20 thousand and 7. Public security and other law enforcement departments to take effective measures to reduce the rate of illegal fireworks fireworks fell 32.5%.

although the fireworks ban area this year expanded to Liuhe, Lishui, but the ban effect is obvious, the illegal fireworks, sales have decreased substantially, compared with the previous year continue to increase law enforcement efforts, continue to maintain the fireworks ban area "zero fire" and "zero harm", the State Environmental Protection Department informed Nanjing continued good air quality during the spring festival. The fifteen Lantern Festival is coming, as a comprehensive response to the illegal discharge behavior may be, Nanjing City ban do in February 8th held a special meeting, the deployment of rectification work to ban the Lantern festival.

one will further highlight the social aspects of inventory remediation. The fourteen and fifteen focused inspections, strengthening the streets, concentrated area and Commercial Plaza Hotel, the surrounding residential inspection of law enforcement. Where the public security departments will maintain 1/3 forces patrol law enforcement.

Nanjing municipal government for the report, truly honored the commitment to honor more than 45000 yuan bonus. Let the people of Nanjing feel the government is. The investigation, each box of fireworks confiscated a reward of 30 yuan, a highest reward of not more than 20 thousand yuan; to report illegal fireworks, verified, the whistleblower reward 100 yuan.

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