people in the process of getting along with each other are easy to form a number of contradictions, not to mention, there is still the owner of the economic transactions and customers, in short, the occurrence of consumer disputes is very common. In the daily operation, the customer and the owner of the quality and price of goods when the dispute occurs. So, what is the consumer dispute? This problem must be clear. The so-called consumer disputes, refers to the consumer and business operators due to consumer rights and disputes.

consumer rights refers to the rights and interests of consumers in the purchase, use of goods or services. Because consumers think that the behavior of the operators violated their legitimate rights and interests, or because consumers and operators have different understanding on the issues related to the rights and interests of consumers, resulting in disputes.

consumer dispute belongs to the civil rights dispute category, has three characteristics: 1, real consumption or consumption, including consumers to purchase or use or accept service process; operators to provide goods or services; 2, is about consumer rights or obligations of the operators dispute, the law gives consumers a series of righteousness such as security, right to know, right at the same time even bargain; gives operators a series of obligations, obligations and rights of the operators and consumers is the core of consumer disputes is the rights and obligations; 3, consumer dispute is the nature of civil disputes, because the legal status of operators and consumers is equal, each other does not exist affiliation.

has a consumer dispute, it is necessary to seek ways and means to resolve the dispute. The "consumer protection law" provisions of article thirty-fourth: consumers and operators of the occurrence of consumer disputes, can be solved by the following ways: 1, in consultation with the operators of reconciliation; 2, for the Consumer Association mediation; complaint 3, to the relevant administrative departments; 4, according to the arbitration agreement reached with the operators submitted to the arbitration organization for arbitration; lawsuit, 5 to the people’s court. The five approaches have their own characteristics, which can be applied to the settlement of consumer disputes under different conditions.

consumer dispute is actually very common, the key is how to solve. If handled properly, will affect the business development, therefore, as the owner, not only is the guarantee of equity capital, but also to develop the store business long-term, when the customer is the occurrence of consumer disputes seeking legal solutions is very important.