with the people’s living conditions continue to improve, the demand for the dry cleaning industry is greater, doing business is the season and the season, for the operators of dry cleaners, how to increase the store operating income in the off-season? In fact, this problem is not difficult to solve, as long as you have a plan, you can make your income stable. Exactly how to do it? Let’s go and see it.

1, the off-season rehabilitation program: after the peak season, the store every person more or less will feel tired. In the busy season, laundry operators can do some work on the summary and the management system in the season to improve the loopholes. In the off-season to the store staff to arrange the season off, default employee rest time also fall.


system can greatly reduce the cost of off laundry about overtime salary. When arranging the leave, the need to prevent the employees may because of the centralized vacation work slack psychology.

2, store cost control: off-season business is not busy, but also pay attention to saving awareness, then in the absence of work from where to start the fact that this work? First, pay attention not to have no light, try to focus on the laundry ironing, experts don’t wash, mainly to save energy. In addition, hot summer clothes will be more single, single hot charging clothes itself is not very high, you can use cheaper bag instead of store specially printed plastic bags. The gift of hangers is also a work worth saving.

3, off-season laundry business can expand the washing varieties and take certain forms of laundry promotion. To shop, in the off-season should launch some new laundry service, such as seasonal washing curtains, leather goods, garment dyeing, renovation of professional nursing home cleaning cloth leather sofa etc.. Timely introduction of a number of new projects can be used to store old customers often have a fresh feeling of consumption.

Dry cleaners

newly opened the most commonly used method is the off-season sales recharge concessions, main purpose of this promotion is to quickly return the funds, but must control the amount of concessions, some lack of experience in the laundry will often backfire.

4, the summer clothing using cotton, hemp, silk fabrics, colors are generally too shallow, the laundry in the washing process to prevent the doctrine of clothing color and take bleaching phenomenon. As a result of white clothes more, for the 84 operation must be used with caution.

if you want to engage in the business in the business when you want today small articles can better help you, whether it is business or do dry cleaners, what other business, as long as you have planned, can make business the right way according to local market conditions, can also recommended in the off-season can increase