Manicure shop in our life now is very common, at the same time, do Manicure’s demand is growing, many people want to shop and business, open a shop Manicure really is a very good thing, because the cost is relatively low, you can also make money.

10 years ago, Sun Minglu is the brand cosmetics store shopping guide; now, she is the general manager of 3 high-end Manicure club.

10 years, she experienced entrepreneurs, bankrupt, small boss, "millionaire" identity, now more of a new identity of the founder of high-end Manicure introduced to Shenyang "".

10 years ago, 22 year old Sun Minglu is a luxury brand shopping guide (BA), with enviable salary, there are frequent opportunities to field training. Time to go to Hongkong with local friends Manicure, she found that customers are lying on the sofa to accept the service, nursing Manicure also hands and feet. Each customer is used for special products, even towels are disposable, but the price of 80 yuan / times.

this contrast, let always want to start her mind burst out an idea to open Manicure high-end stores in Shenyang. At that time, Sun Minglu is quite confident, because she has done a lot of high-end BA customer base, she is optimistic that the market will be able to open in Shenyang.   content from China venture capital

Half a month

realize this, she did not give up, "she told her where to fall where".