China’s current innovation and entrepreneurship education is in the stage of reform and transformation, colleges and universities are groping forward. Colleges and universities in Zhejiang will be built in order to strengthen the college students entrepreneurship professional knowledge reserves.

The general office of the Zhejiang provincial government recently issued

"implementation opinions. Until the end of March 2016, the province’s colleges and universities widely established business school. Select a number of colleges and universities to carry out the college 2+1 "3+1", graduate Master of entrepreneurship education and other types of entrepreneurship education model reform pilot.

mentioned in the last year of the Education Department of Zhejiang province "on actively promoting the construction of entrepreneurial College", the second half of 2016, the pilot expanded to about 15 colleges and universities. By 2017, the province’s construction of about 30 demonstration entrepreneurial college, the formation of about 100 thousand students in the scale.

"implementation opinions, to promote the universities and enterprises and institutions to hire, hiring has high theoretical level and rich practical experience of the enterprises and institutions of renowned scientists, successful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists until college part-time or attachment office.

in addition, but also to do "organization, personnel, facilities and funding" four in place, for students to keep track of helping in place. Since 2016 the implementation of recommended business students in Zhejiang Province