Innovation is the fundamental business, innovation is the motive power of entrepreneurship, only continuous innovation, constantly find new markets, the use of the new technology, new equipment update, the application of new development pattern, can long to get rich, long-term profitability! For entrepreneurship, innovation is particularly important.

Chinese already changed from the beginning of reform and opening up the "shortage economy" to "surplus economy", entrepreneurs entering the market will have a certain degree of competition. And an entrepreneurial team can think of other entrepreneurs and even the existing business managers will think, so entrepreneurs encounter competition is inevitable. In the market competition, the lack of innovative entrepreneurship, it is difficult to survive and grow.

if you look at those successful entrepreneurs, such as Liu Chuanzhi, Ren Zhengfei, Robin Li, Ma Yun, Jason Jiang, which is not a "innovation on the basis of entrepreneurs"? When it comes to innovation, many people only understand the product and process innovation. In fact, in the business, products, technology, business models, organizational structure, incentive mechanism, customer relationship management, business growth model and other aspects of innovation, are very important.

the business model innovation is very important, because it is related to the entrepreneurs can effectively change their ideas as needed by the customer value. The so-called entrepreneurial business model, the entrepreneur will soon be transformed into the target customer is willing to accept the value of the logic of business methods and methods. Different business model reflects the interests of specific business transactions related to different transaction, not only determines the target customers from what entrepreneurs hands, also determines what entrepreneurs from the specific business activities can be. Therefore, as the master of management thought Drucker said: "today’s competition between enterprises is not the competition between products, but competition between business models". Although this view Drucker some paranoid, but the business model which shows the importance for the success of the business.

at the start of the business cycle, the market response is very important, it relates to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship are accepted by the market. "The opportunity to lure business" as an example, to launch new ventures to the market since that "customer value and competitive products", usually the market may be given three different response: