I only have ten thousand pigs, not always expanding. NetEase to do the main purpose of this thing, not to earn much money, is hoping to explore a can improve food security, providing the opportunity to work in rural areas, but also the country’s pig farming process and model.

the evening of November 25th, the NetEase’s first taste of central black pig nearly 110 thousand yuan price; on the evening of 26, only second pigs in the central taste several day tug of nouveau riche, the transaction price exceeded 160 thousand yuan, a record high. A series of staggering price so that users can not help but sigh: "the two brothers of the meat to catch up with the master".


NetEase taste central pig, also known as "small pigs", is only maintained a high exposure rate and high reputation of the pig network. Its popularity and the world Internet Conference, Wuzhen dinner closely related. During the conference, the NetEase founder and CEO Ding Lei will host, invited the Internet heavyweights to Wuzhen dinner. And every time one of the main characters on the table, it is the taste of NetEase. Taste the flavor of the central pig Ma Huateng like the "fat but not greasy," Zhang Zhaoyang said it "," Lei think beautiful enough to feast the eyes "that is the entrance"……

Ding pig of the beginning and the storm

Ding Lei pig spread out many reasons to read scripts, one of them is about 2008: Ding Lei and friends to eat Hot pot in Chengdu, the waiter will be a suspicious blood color into the pot, the pot will replace Ding stick. So, the whole table began to sigh food safety. Ding Lei also has the idea of raising pigs, and after dinner to persuade the eat off Zhou Jiong and his pigs together.

"Hot pot" has become one of the NetEase after the pig three. "Zhou Jiong confirmed true. But he also said that before this, Ding Lei has long been involved in the idea of agriculture, but not between the planting and breeding.

as of November 25, 2016 the central pig taste officially available from the end of February 2009, Ding Lei in Guangdong province "NPC and CPPCC" throw explosive news "pig", has been more than 7 years. In the past seven years, in addition to nearly two years of praise, Ding Lei pig has been a lot of questions. For example, the media called "pig dystocia" means in the past three years, but the NetEase pig also no one character to write, has been "on paper pig"; some people believe that the NetEase or in the show, or is the use of pig in real estate, set public subsidies; pig for fourth years, also in 2013, the NetEase was involved in a lawsuit, the lawsuit owed 700 thousand yuan pig farm survey fee.

not late "pigs" and serendipitously

has gone through the doubt and not optimistic, Ding Lei finally brought out a good night is not afraid of the pig, the taste of the pig has finally ushered in his first shot, and the results gratifying. Weiyang pig NetEase strictly selected, somewhat similar to Costco Roasted Chicken.

Costco, in 1983 before the first store opened in 2015 to become the world’s ranking >