/ Gong Joan

after the full net earnings announced a yuan, group purchase website Wo Wo Group also announced in December last year, the company has a high-profile profit has reached the scale of millions of dollars. For a time, the industry commented that the spring seems to buy the site.

in the previous monthly sales have repeatedly sun meituan is unusually low-key, not scheduled to announce the company’s profit and loss. Recently, the U.S. mission network technology to the NetEase exclusively revealed that the company has achieved profitability in November last year, the end of December earnings has reached 10 million yuan level.

while at the same time, the first batch of domestic buy site 24 coupons also recently confirmed to NetEase technology, the company has declared bankruptcy. More medium-sized buy site waiting for the disk.


model was in the group purchase become fashionable for a time after more than a year of frozen ice, seemingly showing polarization phenomenon: left announced earnings, while continuing to have a number of well-known group purchase. But the industry pointed out that, because the purchase of a unique method of calculation, a short time earnings does not represent true earnings.

2013 can be optimistic about whether there are more buy site will disappear

left the first camp: true profit false profit?

third party group purchase information website 800 data showed that the monthly sales of the top three group purchase website are meituan, and Wo Wo Group, previously in this position to handle network has dropped out of the top three.

According to the US

group data show that in 2012 the company’s total sales of 5 billion 550 million Yuan Wei, December monthly sales reached 800 million yuan, gross margin reached 7%-8%. Wang Huiwen, vice president of the United States and the group had previously said that the U.S. group’s gross profit margin of more than 7% will be able to achieve profitability, the U.S. group said in December has achieved profitability.

U.S. mission network

internal staff said, the company did not profit "good news" the high-profile announcement has two: one is the recent resolution Wang Xing leadership strategy; two is the U.S. group net that "after many months of sustained profitability will be announced earnings."

aspects of public comment has never been publicly available data, and last August to $60 million will be mainly used to buy the business and mobile internet.

in addition, as early as two years ago that Wo Wo Group has said to be listed to achieve profitability, but did not disclose the specific earnings data, a time triggered media questioned. Wo Wo Group said that since the Wowo mall after the launch of the current gross margin of 8%-10%.

may wish to look at the revenue sharing site. Generally speaking, the income does not need to deduct consumer needs and to refund the business is divided into two parts, and is divided into some point in time and businesses, is divided into automatic and manual payment payment.

automatic deposit that is a businessman in a month can have two time points from the buy site to get the service has been purchased, divided into