A5 (admin5.com) station network October 19th news, today, the new found a loophole in the cloud platform vulnerabilities, said NetEase suspected of leaking the user database, use 163/126 email username and password and the password question / answer, registered IP have been leaked, leaked information up to 500 million.



appears due to the use of email to do iCloud account by NetEase, NetEase use black binding Apple ID mobile phone mailbox has been locked phenomenon, due to the use of the NetEase micro-blog, Alipay, email address, Baidu cloud disk games also have problems, the NetEase official said, these are just the same password "caused by users hit the library by the impact, after investigation, the NetEase is not a mailbox database to be attacked and leaks.


A5 station network to remind you, before the message has not yet been determined, try to modify the NetEase mailbox password and related information, in addition, either Alipay or QQ your key service line and so on, to get rid of other account relationship with NetEase email bindings.