Since the

UCenter Home 1.5RC1, RC2 release, we’ve received a lot of advice and feedback from owners of BUG, combined with a large number of research work of our own, we are up to hundreds of details of the improvement and perfection of UCenter Home.

finally today, UCenter Home 1.5RC3 official release and provide download it!

UCenter Home 1.5RC3 as a final version of UCenter Home 1.5 before the official release, there still may be some small BUG and place to perfect, welcome you to download and install the webmaster, or after the upgrade, continue to give us feedback, we will solve all 1.5 before the official release.

UCenter Home 1.5RC3 improvements include:

new interface and user experience

UCH 1.5RC3 for the user interface and user experience a lot of optimization work, the interface for a new design and revision. The new interface becomes more relaxed, simple, entertainment, a variety of user experience improvements, but also allows users to use more convenient and easy to use.

enhance various types of interactive elements inside the station

more interesting greeting function, friends birthday reminders, friends hot automatic calculation and display, recently visiting new revision, site notification system, communication and interaction to guide users better.

share more diverse, can share video, music, Flash animation

to enhance the sharing function is more easy to use, in addition to sharing the original elements, to increase support for video, music, Flash animation, so that the site’s entertainment elements to enhance the information more diversified.

group increased senior editor, create a group process, the main optimization function for

group increased the senior editor, you can publish text topic. The optimization of group creation process, to create a group more easily, but also can avoid similar group repetition; the new main application function, upgrade management group members have better make entrance.

new irrigation and information management system

The introduction of new

anti irrigation system, automatic change register URL address, individual questions, forcing the user to verify the mailbox, pictures, add friends, and novice practice time, information reporting mechanism and so on, let the site away from spam.

strengthen information aggregation, so that the site is more easily accepted by the new

new version of the revised home page, the content is more abundant and the atmosphere, and at the same time look at the page revision, the dynamic and dynamic display of the total station to increase the switching function, you can make the site easier to be new