"auspicious Sambo" is the most popular song, and now, "auspicious Sambo" will lead to a lawsuit the largest entertainment industry. Yesterday afternoon, "auspicious Sambo" copyright and brokerage company held a "proletarian art" auspicious Sambo "anti piracy activism conference. Art is ready to hundreds of SP, dozens of audio and video to the court. Yesterday, they announced the first batch of the infringer and the defendant in court the list includes a portal site, Hurray communications company 8 SP company and Heilongjiang cultural Audiovisual Publishing House, Anhui culture press 7 audio-visual company, the general requirements of the art of litigation reached 20 million yuan. Moreover, the arts said they would invest millions of dollars to fight the lawsuit, the popular song

song anti piracy rights lawsuit will become a rare event in recent years.

the reason why this event will be very hot, first is the "auspicious Sambo" popularity is extremely wide, this first song very harmonious, whether it is the happiness of a family union popularity or reputation is a rare ten years. This song award numerous, great social influence. Secondly, the scope of the object of litigation is very broad, in particular, pointing to a large number of SP companies. In recent years, the rise of the SP has let the record industry to see some kind of hope, once become life-saving straw. But this year, SP is not good faith and traditional piracy, network infringement has become the three largest public nuisance. This time, some large SP infringement, concern. Third, the preparation of the arts for a long time, determined, so, this lawsuit is likely to become a typical event of great significance in the industry.

general art Wang Xiang said, "auspicious Sambo" taken from the production, promotion, MV, spent about 1 million 400 thousand, while the real legal records only sold 50 thousand copies. They buy from stores across the "auspicious Sambo" piracy under 500 varieties, while the number of varieties is actually possible this figure is 2 to 3 times, each only 5000 pieces of piracy, piracy in the total number of 5 million to 7 million, and genuine too disproportionate. As far as SP is concerned, Wang Xiang said that so far only received 1 million, which is the court issued a subpoena to some companies, some companies have to give, before also about $500 thousand. Wang Xiang said, the outside people think we’re crazy, but we only have so much income. If the good environment estimate, "auspicious Sambo" may support the company for ten years, but the current environment is in this state.

at the press conference, the Ministry of culture, the Chinese audio and video society, China copyright center is also expressed support, while referring to the rights of the anti piracy hardships. A government official believes that after the infringement is still a minority, the reason is that the cost of rights is too high, too difficult to collect evidence, time is too long, and less compensation and poor. Wang Xiang also consulted with lawyers on some of the previous cases, but Wang Xiang said that we rarely find any successful cases of satisfaction.

at present, for anti piracy rights, the industry, the public are in a state of numbness, there is no good solution. Someone >