introduction: last week, Baidu’s event hemophilia everybody still remember it, with the "Post Bar door" incident after Robin Li appeared, said special period of Baidu will Post Bar deep introspection, the event finally come to an end. At the end of the year in the field of inventory one by one, Nora was included in the glorious 2015 venture capital companies.

1 crossroads Baidu Post Bar: why is it difficult to give up commercialization?  

just past a week, for the country’s largest Internet Co one hundred degrees seem very long. No one expected, denounce several Baidu users rights Post Bar, finally set off waves, let Baidu and founder Robin Li suffered overwhelming siege and questioned.

"in the past week is a difficult week for Baidu, we will be deeply reflect the crisis into opportunities." In yesterday’s Beijing forum for the future, Robin Li for the first time in public response to the post bar event.

the same day, in Sichuan, hemophilia on the weekends ant food intermittently, accepted the interview of science and technology Tencent. A week ago, it is his tireless voice, just let it be sold to the event became a universal concern of the public opinion storm. "So many people helped me get the results today." Ant cuisine.

2 loan treasure and the complex relationship between acquaintances lending Jiuding radical marketing questioned  


has just landed in A stock market near Jiuding investment is real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing into Rashomon, although everyone for Jiuding investment and Polytron Technologies Inc do a clarification, but the market for this "storm" still continue to discuss. Especially the Internet financial platform treasure lending relationship and Jiuding investment in the establishment, soon had suffered questioned the market turns. "Acquaintances lending model", "Jiuding investment relations", "Friends of marketing tactics", borrow treasure what exactly has been the question of

?The relationship between


Jiuding complex

things can be traced back to one day last week, said a WeChat, micro-blog ID Beijing nine "Uncle", has reported Jiuding investment chairman Wu Gang real name to the Commission, and lists 9 illegal acts. In the "Beijing nine uncle" in an interview with the Beijing Daily reporter learned that the reported problem with Jiuding investment under the lending treasure. "Beijing nine uncle" pointed out that the treasure is illegal lending Jiuding investment with PE identity play P2P lending treasure. According to borrow treasure official website information display, borrow treasure is the Internet financial platform to build social by the country’s top private institutions Jiuding holding effort.

3 post bar after the first appearance of Robin Li: a special period of Baidu will deeply reflect  

forum 2016 will be held on the morning of January 17th. The future of global economic forum invited science, education, art, and political elite from all walks of life and a person with breadth of vision, Gongxiangshengju.