Taobao alliance today announced that it will be re opened in 2013, Ali mother brand name


technology news December 21st morning news, Taobao today announced the alliance, will re enable "Mom" brand name in 2013, the alliance platform from the service department of Taobao based businesses to face all the advertisers open ad trading platform.

according to reports, to re enable Ali mother brand name, Taobao alliance and Ali mother two brands will exist for some time, but the former will gradually fade out.

Ali mother on the line in 2007, Ali launched a whole network of advertising trading platform. 2008, Taobao proposed big Taobao strategy, Ali mother and Taobao merger, Ali mother focused on Taobao business alliance based advertising business, and the use of Taobao alliance brand name.

according to the data provided by Taobao, in 2011 the Taobao alliance of the majority of the amount of the owners reached 1 billion 500 million yuan, in 2012 reached 3 billion, has become a part of the Taobao ecosystem can not be ignored.

it is understood that the resumption of Ali mother brand name, the platform will be the main three business lines: "Taobao" on the basis of the billing service as the main body of the Taobao alliance; display advertising as the main body of the TANX platform to "window"; as well as new mobile advertising business.

Alibaba group in the management structure, Ali mother is still part of a Amoy business group.