generally only know that the site must be designed to answer – "it also said that the content does not give a person to see, to whom?" but the search engine optimization will think that the content is to look at the search engine. Why? Because the search engine can not see, visitors can not see.

in the tone of the visitor, the content is not static, it changes with the people who view it. The less the less – the time is precious. A sharp contrast can lead to something more important to a respected visitor. Therefore, the main task is not to create or manage the website, but the guidance and management of consciousness. If you focus your attention on others and try to satisfy the needs of the guests, you will be able to create what is called a trump card.

unfortunately, the search engine will not be guided by you. They only recognize the text on the page. Because the search engine can not see pictures and animation effects, so the optimization of a station, in fact, is to optimize the content of the text, that is, Copy. In English, the text content of the web page is called Copy. We translate Copy into "text" to show that "content" is essentially a text — the most fundamental work in Seo.

because people search information through the search engine, so the search engine only recommend your site to the reader, the searcher can visit your site. However, the search engine has its own standards to read your site and ranking, that is, the algorithm, so the first thing to let the web site search engine to understand. In other words: our web page for the search engine to see!

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