today is the ninth, I believe we already from the 2016 New Year red envelopes come over. This year, Tencent and Alibaba red war can be described as a lively pole. In the red hot, no matter who wins, there are new opportunities for electronic envelopes to our modern society under the traditional business. What specific opportunities, and to help you analyze the head of mr..


first, the emergence of electronic envelopes to narrow the distance between the space, truly universal participation in

China has a large population and a vast territory, so there are some differences between urban and rural areas. In the past, what are the benefits of business activities, may be placed in the city, or that the crowd in the city may be more likely to get into the business deals. But with the development of the Internet, the popularity of broadband access. Electronic envelopes can be thousands of miles away in the countryside can also receive timely information on the benefits of city businesses. It has a strong social significance in a certain sense, it is to reduce the gap between urban and rural work.

second, electronic envelopes is a social product, the source of word of mouth

you see Alipay will be able to think of a little red. Alipay has spent 200 million of the price to send red envelopes, it is because Alipay has a social dream. It is true that the red envelopes from the moment it was produced on the social tagging. Businesses use electronic envelopes, not only can attract a large number of customers, but also on the Internet to form a solid social circle. Because we are all for the same purpose, then there is a strong interaction between the parties. Expanding the business opportunities in the community is undoubtedly a very wise choice, because good red envelopes, good service can bring a good reputation, which is a huge wealth of enterprises.

third, electronic red envelopes to break the traditional business model, from single to multi faceted development

speaking of traditional business models are one-sided, is the business of goods and services, is a single channel collection. After the emergence of electronic envelopes, businesses can gather a lot of customers in a short period of time, the communication between these customers and businesses because of the electronic envelopes appear to be a lot of. At the same time, it is also an effective trust mechanism between business and customers, which is very useful for the development of potential customers.

therefore, this concept is not new for envelopes, Mr. head (WeChat ID:caitoultt) believes that the development of the Internet has given it a new meaning and mission. At the same time, because of the emergence of electronic envelopes, making businesses have a new opportunity to do something bigger.

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