December 9th morning news, according to SARFT internal staff revealed that in December 11th to start a new batch of illegal audio-visual site filing ban.

according to the SARFT’s audiovisual services license, any person who does not have this qualification certificate / organization audiovisual services website will be permanently banned.

recently, the famous BT download site BT China alliance has announced that the SARFT received notice, because there is no audio-visual license, so the Ministry of industry to delete the record number. At present, the BT China alliance is re bid for the relevant formalities, but the approval of the slim hope.

another well-known domestic BT film and television download forum, long bird film forum also announced the rectification transformation, will be based on the text of the film reviews, BT download services will gradually shield.

was shut down before BTCHINA, Seymor BT station, long man BT and other similar sites had already been closed.

domestic BT sites are facing a serious deterioration of the living environment, the fate of thunder, Verycd also affects a large number of users of the nerve.

There are a large number of popular audio-visual program resources

Verycd website, which may be related to copyright and the policy of "edge".

recently said the news, Verycd site has been trying to transition, trying to get rid of the fate may be shut down. However, the official has not yet responded.

for VeryCD is about to close the message, VeryCD founder Huang Yimeng said the rumors are not true. The other VeryCD executives responded that it has not received any notice of shutting down requirements.