2016 is in the past, this year, the global smart mobile phone industry slowdown, but the competition is fierce, the market structure has undergone no small change, in which some manufacturers are naturally proud, frustrated people.

Samsung: accidental explosion destroyed a good hand long-term loss difficult to measure

said the most frustrated this year is non Samsung mobile phone manufacturers. The reason is that the industry is well known for its generally optimistic about the Note7 battery defects caused by the bombing was forced to recall and stop all sales. Allegedly, because the "bombing", Samsung associated with this loss of up to $6 billion, which has passed the new Samsung’s third quarter earnings report confirmed that the intelligent mobile phone business, the Samsung Electronics third quarter overall operating profit fell 30% to 5 trillion and 200 billion Han Yuan, the operating profit in the mobile sector 96% lower than last year, a record since the introduction of the lowest record since the Galaxy series. And in the next quarter will be reflected in revenue and profits.

if the decline in revenue and profits is just a blow machine for the short-term negative effects of Samsung, so let the public mind of the Samsung brand image is therefore greatly reduced losses. According to Market Strategies latest survey data show that, overall, there are 33% Samsung users expressed the willingness to buy iPhone 7. But more interesting is that nearly half (45%) of the Galaxy Note users want to purchase the new iPhone model, which was significantly higher than that of other Samsung device users, it seems "blow up" Galaxy Note 7 Samsung brand does have some negative impacts.

Apple: the lack of innovation for a rebound opportunity lost rival

in the past two years, the United States Apple Corp have never encountered such a good market environment, the first is iPhone’s 6 hit, then a rival Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for the "bombing" stop sale. However, this year, Apple has largely failed to take advantage of the opportunity given by Samsung electronics. In terms of sales, its iPhone business is also in decline. According to market research firm Gartner latest data show that apple in the global smart mobile phone market share is almost halved since 2014.

, for example, in the third quarter of this year, Apple sold a total of iPhone, for the three consecutive quarter of decline, its iOS market share is only higher than 10%. According to a report from the market statistics agency CIRP report, compared with last year’s iPhone 6s/6s Plus, this year’s iPhone 7 series of mobile phone users appeal to Android decreased significantly, namely since iPhone 7 listed so far, only 17% of the original buyers is the use of Android mobile phone. In one year