the success of a web site, and the number of users is complementary. The number of users and the number of sites marked by the level of audience, the same user’s flow and the value of the station is inseparable. Now the Internet advertising, advertisers not only need a third party advertising effect analysis system for the website builders, understand the value of advertising also need a station a station advertising statistical tools as evaluation data to support the value of advertising.

it is understood that the domestic independent third party data analysis service provider CNZZ, launched another masterpiece –CNZZ "advertising advertising statistics, including statistics show" and "advertising effect analysis" in two parts. Among them, CNZZ advertising show statistics for the Internet advertising media provider, that is, webmasters, web site owners to provide the amount of advertising and click on the amount of statistical services. Web site owners can be based on this product on the site to understand the situation of advertising, which ads on the number of clicks by advertising, which estimates the value of advertising and income. Advertisers can be adjusted according to the advertising display statistics on the site advertising plan, the development of the site advertising sales plan.


figure, advertising statistics show the amount of data to provide more targeted statements, pay more attention to the analysis and settlement of PV, IP. After the advertisement is added, the user will see the two part of the report and the report. The presentation report monitors the advertising presentation data by placing a statistical image near the ad code. Click on the report to monitor the use of the link to monitor the click of the ads. Among them, the site needs to view the amount of the site’s main users, the need to generate advertising links in the CNZZ advertising platform statistics.

CNZZ advertising display statistics, the use of picture code form, good compatibility, can be based on the statistical domain name for data filtering, set up simple, easy to use, clear and easy to understand the report data. I believe this CNZZ will show the statistics by virtue of the above advantages, to further expand the Internet user groups, providing more accurate data support for the development of Internet advertising.