200 thousand successful financing of local B2B experience

this meeting, let me know, do anything, we must make a detailed plan, and make sure your investors see the future, to make them feel that they invest in you is the right choice. Because to tell the truth, 100 thousand dollars, for this kind of boss Lee, it is likely that they are invited to eat a big meal, entertainment money a night.

webmaster must understand the fifteen sites and philosophy of life

said: you these elite portal website webmaster, only know to do some of the rubbish site and earn some extra money, nothing grassroots. Do you have the answer: Grassroots website is sleight of hand, cheat money to do the financing market, playing with the concept of elite

3 days to let Baidu reopened because I am hard-working webmaster

so many people say that this is the Baidu correction results, a few days of the letter will be sealed, so I have to wait a few days to see if I use the way in the end there is no use of time and the fact proved that my approach is still very effective, today I’m going to write it down, hoping to be Baidu ban and plucking the webmaster friends a little help.

grassroots webmaster how many people can live on the road

5 years ago, the group of friends in the QQ, disappeared in the past 2 years, the friends of the group of 2 years ago, and now not too much to live, or those who did not stop the site, or closed directly, or 5 years ago. Leaving no transition has become a good site. Just to see an article Admin5 after five years of personal websites like pager history as


four towering turned empty graduating junior webmaster heart

June, the season of parting. Bid farewell to a former classmate here, now only computer with me. When night falls, thoughts fly, only to find themselves vulnerable and helpless. Four years of university graduate, should I now have been complacent, work, love family and get scorched by the flames. Just go to college when the passion has been exhausted, how to go after the road, thinking every night, and ultimately can not answer.

station experience: perseverance to do stand road

think back, ha ha, was standing very tired, static pages manually update, unlike now just download a program can! But very interesting, I believe many web enthusiasts are like me with interest to. Then "relatively simple, no complicated classification management, there is no background take the time. The more popular flash music station.

do stand as people learn to establish the user’s loyalty

in my opinion, there are three kinds of people hard to make friends. The first, strict to yourself