today, with the 2016-2017 China Badminton Club Super League (referred to as: Super League) the first leg of the race, Hisense group also announced that it became an official partner of the current super league. In addition to the defending champion Qingdao Chau badminton club, this year, more than a feather super Qingdao elements.


badminton is a universal form of mass sports, all ages, and is known as "the first city in the China movement", popular family entertainment. This is highly consistent with the positioning of the Hisense TV living room cultural center, but also with Hisense has been warm, trust brand output consistent. In recent years, in the badminton industry, China has achieved an absolute dominant position, the crowd’s blood was also ignited in a contest. This and in overseas markets have been sitting on the top spot in the Hisense, has a similar international status.

since the European Cup since the Hisense sports marketing "package" has continued to force based on the original F1, Australia, Schalke 04 such sponsorship, has also sponsored the national gymnastics team, China Sri VS Australia 2016 National Cricket League, Ethiopia summer youth football tournament. Sports enthusiasts on television viewing fluency, clarity and other harsh display technology, is one of the important reasons for Hisense to adhere to sports marketing. Hisense sponsored feather super league matches and the upcoming opening of the Australian Open in January, will be echoed in the spring period inside and outside, whipped up a Hisense