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from the circle of friends who get micro providers who: trust is the key to the transaction

circle of friends there stranger do when derivative, "stranger" pulled into the blacklist; some friends slightly estranged also started when the micro business, due to the face to keep the circle of friends and read, but read the number from the circle of friends less; a circle of friends suddenly very ripe people do micro business, Enron commented that the next time I buy a used to see you this……

well, I admit, I have a very high degree of trust in this friend, so she used, sold, recommended, for me, when there is a need for a high probability of turnover. Here, Enron finally understand why the micro business is doing business friends.

and either as individuals or society as the Internet circle of Enron byliner, my attitude to the derivative is divided accurate: believe snacks, fruit, private kitchens and other food micro business world, hesitate to sell cosmetics unknown, for the very familiar friends sell brand products with the trust of most of the elements…… Presumably, micro business to the "trusted friend" as the core of the dye layers away, will also focus on a small micro business future.

micro providers, micro shop diversified open the road: pay attention to the brand or trust

recent news, Ctrip recruited 100 thousand people set up tourism micro shop, the Ministry of commerce is limited to regulate micro store promotion, two signs show the two information to us: micro business is not limited to mask, cosmetics and other electricity providers, crafts, snacks, fruit and other food on the road is in the open, and the giants the Internet also pay more attention to micro business, began to try to micro business layout, such as Ctrip Travel micro shop; another information is derivative is gradually standardized, the chaos of the road may farther Anacreontic, out of a clean world are also likely to.

and whether it is a personal micro business or a small micro shop agent, can do it successfully can not do without a factor: the user’s trust. Big brands rely on word of mouth, but also trust, small brands can only rely on the true, trusted friends of the force.

small circle of power is enormous, the power of the circle of friends is immeasurable, when tens of millions of small circles, circle of friends screwed into a force, the world of micro operators will naturally formed. But all this may happen or not, are also accompanied by a high threshold of two important factors: the ability to successfully obtain the trust of the user and micro business district can be successfully standardized, and break the rules.

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