Baidu is the world’s largest search engine. According to the Baidu website optimization is always the priority among priorities of many SEOER work. Some owners due to excessive optimization caused by Baidu drop right or directly after K lost, mostly to how bad at Baidu impulse. But the author in the recent optimization process encountered a lack of things I have a deeper understanding of Baidu.

started with a furniture website I took over. The main office furniture website is headquartered in Qingdao City, the responsible person has some understanding of the network, he optimization of the requirements is to the key to Qingdao office furniture OK, other web pages or something because it is best not to change the appearance.

took over the site after I found that the original network company in the construction of this site did not take into account the optimization. This is a very simple image with a lot of information publishing system. Not only all of the title is simply the use of enterprise names, and meta tags completely useless. This site is optimized to have a certain degree of difficulty. Title can be changed, but the content can not be added. Most of the entire home page is a picture, very few words can not add too many keywords. It’s a bit of a headache.

I started to modify the title, to adjust all pages through Title Dynamic database called the title plus the name of the web site, so in the process of the search engines will become rich.

then put the original template content adjusted news content page title keyword bold, bold.

then select several important keywords to add in the chain. Because the site is not even a simple site map and links, so add the chain is very important.

then I changed the title of the article in the home page of the website, and put the key words in the title.


webmaster network tools to provide a look at keyword density, less than 8%.

the next way is to Alibaba, Sohu, Sina, TOM, YAHOO and other major sites to apply for a blog to promote the furniture site.

the next day, to see the station in the ranks of Baidu straight up, not only Qingdao office furniture to the home page of the key word, some other key words have a good ranking. Through 51 traffic analysis, the station optimization effect is good.

but not a good time, last Monday, when I searched through Baidu, found that there is no page included. Seems to be down right!

helpless, had to write to the administrator of Baidu, sincere attitude that we do not have excessive corporate website optimization, there is no large increase in external links. On the afternoon of the same day Baidu said Baidu administrator reply in the adjustment of the algorithm, some sites will inevitably. However.