1 line battles, a wave of Alipay POS machine is hit

Alibaba to borrow a pair of 11 to push the line POS business, continue to challenge the UnionPay monopoly; Wintel influence is reduced, HP launched a variety of Chrome OS and Android products; Sohu lost a member of the generals, chief editor Liu Chun confirmed to be recent leave; mobile phone pre installed software or will be subject to restrictions, the Ministry of the next month to perform the audit.

2 can not make money to open the game to take the heavy Tencent

"mobile social game is WeChat commercial’s biggest breakthrough in the future, we will with all the partners in this platform have more cooperation" — this is Ma Huateng in May this year, GMIC 2013 on the ecosystem overtures.

Tencent this year to bring 3 billion yuan into the third party…… Whether it is WeChat mobile phone, QQ, or Qzone, and mobile phone housekeeper and other mobile services, the future will open "- this is two months later, Liu Chiping in the Tencent open conference for developers to draw a pie.

you can find that the Tencent launched on the mobile QQ and WeChat two platforms, even MOE every day, after the official test of the water commercialization, no longer talk about any open topic.

3 full guide network launched the real name registration of public action: real name registered members can receive cash rewards

days ago, Xuzhou district health portal — the entire Daoyi network (www.qcdy.com) launched a large-scale public activities: "the real name registration member, cash reward". For the newly registered certified members, one-time award 10 yuan in cash; for the re certification of the old members, a one-time award of $10 in cash, there are other incentives. The website announced the news in a prominent position, also called for the majority of Internet users honest and trustworthy, strict self-discipline, the real issue of health demands and health information, together to create a healthy real fair, honest and law-abiding, network environment.

4 where the crisis behind the story: aged for help but was "from ruin"


we seem to be faced with hitherto unknown difficulties. Recently, there are rumors that we owed a large number of suppliers including Li Ning Co, accounts receivable, suppliers for containment was, and all passengers aged CEO blocked but pretended not locked the door in. In this regard, every guest to reporters yesterday issued a statement to the structure adjustment and move on the grounds to respond, said this week to complete the reconciliation process has been completed payment work.

5 Tmall announced that with the micro-blog account to get through the double 11 will be sent to the community by way of a red envelope

200 million

October 15th news, Tmall today announced that Tmall and Sina user system has been fully opened up. In this year’s double 11 Shopping Festival, Tmall will send a $200 million red envelopes through socializing.

it is understood that