at the end of October, Home Furnishing stores two giant Macalline, home issued against electricity supplier activities under the line, then upgrade to the industry market situation. As chairman of Chinese Furniture Association Market Committee members, China Home Furnishing industry’s 19 largest chain stores or area such as actually home, Redstar, Yoshimori Ikuni, Jimei, Kinmen and Matsu triumph, ouyada, star, Chengdu bajith, Shaanxi pearl, Xi’an Daming Palace, Xianghe golden key, Guangdong Le Louvre Museum, Harbin red Chengdu, Sammy, signed the "norms on electronic commerce work opinions".


so far home stores O2O to some extent was hit, and numerous vendors and electricity supplier sellers have received varying degrees of damage. Home store O2O is really no way to go, need to use such a means to resist the electricity supplier, boycott Tmall. In fact, behind the game may be between them and Tmall, but also the interests of the collective interests of the line to take the emotional upset. O2O is really suitable for home sales on this thinking has also been questioned, in fact, I have always thought that the home store to take the O2O road is not wrong, wrong is routine, consistent thinking.

home this product, to some extent we can be called luxury goods, consumers in the purchase is quite cautious. Why Home Furnishing stores do not want to say against bitter experience to become line place, must resist the next line stores can result stores began to be subsidized, and for the overall layout of the company, this is absolutely not. With traditional channels of the enterprise, is not easy to change or abandon the traditional channels, because it is a fatal decision, the traditional entrepreneurs understand, we also understand. So in the electricity supplier attack, how to change is good, as the industry’s attempt to build the red star and the home of their own independent platform, the results you and I can now see. The giants are not successful attempt under the condition that the electricity supplier Tmall and other channels but flourishing, caused a strong contrast, more important is their prosperity with their 10 Fen Never mind, are distributors or agents or stores to provide price compression caused by experience.

said a little industry look at Home Furnishing stores O2O shallow knowledge, how to find a way to get out.

(a) alliance platform

cosmetics wind landscape, the platform and the two dripping everywhere, Lasafo and independent outstanding, specializing in cosmetic platform. Here might understand the author to say what is right is the alliance platform, since the emergence of independent start business platform, then why not unite together to develop a platform for Home Furnishing electric commercial.

The role of many

alliance platform, one can avoid the risk, although the platform failed, but for the purposes of their own or team, is a kind of experience a kind of accumulation, not high accumulation of


two is a man of great strength