September 10th afternoon, much of the Internet and media industry to pay close attention to the Donews producer Liu Ren, 3 people suspected of Qihoo 360 (hereinafter referred to as blackmail and impose exactions on the Liu Ren case), 10, 13 pm at the Xicheng District people’s court in the second trial, Liu Ren insists that he is innocent, Xu Xin and the central confession, hope a lighter punishment. The case is not in court for sentencing.

key evidence: recording file

10 pm 13:02 PM, Beijing City People’s Court of the thirteenth court, Liu Ren case in Xicheng District public hearing. Sina Technology to attend the entire trial process.

The first hearing of the

in August 25th, Liu Ren, a lawyer for the accused has any objection to a recording of evidence provided by Qihoo, the court from the start of the recording. The recording document records the Qihoo responsible person and the three defendants by telephone consultation, negotiation and transaction process.

Liu Ren’s lawyer said, this recording documents can prove that Liu Ren Qihoo collects money from the company, in addition to delete negative, also provide positive publicity services. Liu Ren’s lawyer suggested that the recording needs to be certified as evidence.

Liu Ren himself said, the audio file is not complete, the Qihoo only provides evidence in their favor.

Xu Xin’s attorney said that he does not deny that the Qihoo received money from the company, but the recordings can prove that Qihoo is the company first proposed to delete negative.

tour of the central attorney for the recording, which did not mention how much tour central, he did not know a lot of things.

prosecutor’s Procuratorate prosecutor believes that recording is only one piece of evidence, the evidence is already very full, do not need to do forensic identification.

Liu Ren’s lawyer after the Qihoo, the company recorded, is clearly set against the defendant. Prosecutors said, the Qihoo in secret recording, then report, this is worthy of recognition, even praise. He retorted, "does this problem need to be solved by the underworld?"


of the recording file request does not comment on judicial identification, the trial continues to enter the court debate.

debate scene: Liu Ren insisted that innocent Xu Xin tour the central confession

in the court debate, Liu Ren insisted his innocence, Xu Xin, the central tour pleaded guilty, but requests the court sentences.

Liu Ren expressed three views in the debate session:

first, he either subjective or objective intention of Qihoo are not blackmail and impose exactions on the company;

second, he this time, including in the media industry for more than a decade, has never led others to blackmail;

third, the Qihoo was obviously to entrap him, Xu Xin fooled, he is also involved in, but he is very hard to tell. Liu.