DedeCMS is facing great challenges I feel after the 2007 release, have been attracting new users, but have not been able to retain the old Fans. careful analysis is not difficult to see why. Need DedeCms open source and love template flexible users is saturated. The underlying problem of new features to survive not resolved.

DedeCMS is currently in a very embarrassing situation, simply say that the initial velocity is large, the acceleration is very small, loyal Fans a lot, but most earnestly, because their needs are not well resolved. Get rid of this awkward situation to do? First of all, is to know exactly what DedeCMS should do what is the situation to the satisfaction of all.DedeCMS in the end should be made of what, who say? Platon? No


unless Platon just want to use their own site. So, it is not difficult to see, who is the last word. Then, who is using DedeCMS?

3 people are the majority of it, with this result, we consider what they need DedeCMS


1 want to do bigger and bigger station webmaster,

why does he use DedeCMS?

A. there is a great possibility is that he is old friends, because DedeCMS started early, has been open. This advantage in now will soon surpass it, enhance the level of their PHPCMS ECMS, open source, and so on. In addition to the ASP class,.Net class CMS and the popularity of fast catch.DedeCMS will lose this part of the users of.

B. he saw more and more of the DedeCMS module, here we have to mention this problem. A CMS development, vertical development or horizontal development contradiction, which is the main aspect of the contradiction? Obviously is the first to lay a good foundation, data backup / restore / transfer reliability, two the domain name support. This does not do more functions it can? How many people can watch the movie with 2.5Inch MP4


this kind of webmaster need DedeCMS what appearance? Load reasonable, data security, comprehensive function

2 want to do bigger but do not want to do the whole, just want to be in a specific field, to a specific site to achieve the perfect location

I think I may not have a clear summary of the characteristics of this kind of webmaster, for example, the game Q & a station, the industry supply and demand station.

they need what kind of DedeCMS? Load reasonable, data security, best has some special features, the best function of a little more, but there seems to be. Because the quiz game station is likely to develop their own what game tools, to provide.

3 out of love