pornographic websites bring adverse effects to the young but they were reported after obvious to people, not only is not closed, but become aggravated. Yesterday, CCTV weekly quality report on its interests behind the chain was disclosed. It turned out that the use of pornographic mobile phone website to the regular website advertising to profit, has long been an open secret in the industry.

yellow net browsing up 9 times a month

A middle school in Guangdong province

high school students to reflect the Hyperion CCTV reporter: "there is a pornographic website, in June was reported, but now more than half a year later, the website not only continue to open, but the content is more yellow."

China science and Technology Policy Research Institute of network information security research group of mobile phone pornographic website traffic monitoring found that only in November 2010, visited a pornographic website on the mobile phone to nearly 40 thousand people from the more than 4 thousand day surge, an increase of nearly 9 times.

Institute of science and technology policy Chinese Dr. Li Qiang said, long before December 2009, China Academy of sciences related research group the same random sampling monitoring of 2000 mobile phone website, including mobile phone pornographic websites 167, accounting for 8.3%, while the proportion increased to 9.9% in the past year. After 1 years of remediation, not only did not reduce the proportion of pornographic mobile phone sites, but the relative increase in the total number of tens of thousands.

is not off operator not as

November 2, 2010, CCTV reporter with a short message to a telecom operator to report two pornographic mobile phone sites, but as of press time reporter, these pornographic mobile phone website is still open. According to the official website of the operator explained: pornographic mobile phone website has not been effectively blocked, because these sites use the jump IP and transform the domain name approach.

experts, however, told reporters that the wireless internet gateway is like the controller can access the door, it can control the access and disconnection of Internet sites. High performance network lab Chinese science researcher Tang Hui said: "we do some settings, disable access to pornographic websites to the IP address, or simply to DNS it to an invalid IP address to the above, these can make mobile phone pornography site can not be access to the user."

experts said the gateway is strictly controlled in the hands of the basic telecom operators, operators can only set their own. Experts believe that the user directly to the telecom operators report pornographic and other illegal websites are not blocked, and after the government leaders say, mobile phone pornographic website but immediately got the illegal disposal site is not off, but not for Telecom operators.


trying to earn advertising profit every day thousands of

mobile phone users reflect Mr. Yang, he inadvertently entered the pornographic mobile phone site, which was added to the telecommunications value-added services package buckle fee. Reporters learned that, as early as in 2009, any advertising association