is the Internet search engine market in the "big brother", but Google is not willing to abandon this land year after year. The Internet giant, has tentacles extended to other areas of automotive, energy and other fields. Analysts believe that, in the face of fierce competition in the market, Google needs to find new growth points outside the search engine, but its diversified expansion will be full of risk.

performance shocked Wall Street


released in October 14th 2010 third quarter, when a quarter of the total revenue of $7 billion 290 million, an increase of 23%; net revenues of $5 billion 480 million, an increase of 25%; net profit of $2 billion 170 million, an increase of 32%. The above data exceeded analyst expectations. By the positive earnings boost, Google shares rose 9% on the day after the transaction, recorded the biggest one-day gain since November 2008.

Google announced earnings, revenue growth is mainly driven by its advertising business. Google said its search engine revenue of $2 billion 500 million from the Youtube ad, $1 billion from mobile advertising. Prior to these two data has been confidential, Google chief financial officer Pichette said that the release of these two revenue figures is to let Wall Street have confidence in our investment."

at the end of last year, Google to $750 million price of the acquisition of the mobile advertising platform AdMob, and started its integration about it 5 months ago. Google mobile advertising business leader Hamui said, the proportion of mobile services in the marketing strategy will be growing."

company, Kerry industry analyst Aga Wall believes that Google is entering a non core business profitability "let surprised Wall Street" stage. He forecast research report released in 15, the next three years, Google search business of the compound annual growth rate will reach 15% to 16% compound annual growth and display and mobile advertising Google non core business rate will reach 40% to 45%.

"Other" Big Mac

in addition to force mobile advertising and other non core business, Google also strive to find new growth points outside the Internet world. 9, 2009, Google revealed on the official blog, which is being developed unmanned vehicle technology has made substantial progress. At present, the car has basically equipped with automatic operation and driving ability, and in the United States in a variety of traffic environment of California 220 thousand km test.

Google said: Although the current driving is still in the experimental stage, we can still see a good picture of future traffic." Analysts said that regardless of what kind of profit model in the future of Google to promote this technology, the way people travel will inevitably change with the listing of driverless cars.

not only that, Google is also involved in the field of energy. 12, 2009, Marubeni Corp announced that it will join forces with Google and other large coastal power cables laid in the United States along the coast of the Atlantic, the total cost of the project will reach the number of