January 18th, according to sources, a domain name registrar recently began to carry out the real name system of inventory operations, the registered domain name in China in accordance with the regulations, not through the real name authentication before January 31, 2010 will be suspended for dns.

it is understood that the registrar has recently received CNNIC issued "on the registered domain name system" notice to carry out inventory requirements, strictly implement the domain name registration information domain name registration applicants should provide true, accurate and complete, the registered companies have begun to clear check.

is reported that the real name inventory mainly for the December 14, 2009 9 registered before the successful domestic domain name. Where the holder of a domain name is a legal person organization, it shall submit the organization code certificate (scan), the contact person’s identity card (scan). If the domain name holder is an individual, it shall submit the contact person’s identity card (scan).

reporter learned that, at present, the new network has issued a notice to the outside world, other domain name registrar is also being prepared.

however, real name practices upload the scanned parts inventory requirements, was part of the domain name registration of the opposition, they worry that the risk of leakage of personal information, advice registrars have announced a detailed solution.