IDC Review Network ( reported on December 19th: Recently, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) announced the China China domain name registration data. According to reports, as of 2013, in November, the global "China" domain name registration fell to 266438, compared with last month, the net decrease of 193, a smaller decline.

  (Figure 1). "China" domain name growth trend chart

2013, "Chinese." domain name was not too optimistic, and the.CN domain name opposite situation ". China" domain name market is always in the low tide period. By November, China domain name registration has fallen to the lowest total value of 266438. Even in the CNNIC.CN/. China announced the cancellation of "ClientHold" to suspend the analytical state, "China." domain name registration has no significant improvement, but the opposite is the.CN domain name, in October, November, the domain name.CN increased significantly.