news November 2nd, if Taobao can modify the member name, will you change? The day before, Taobao quietly launched the "name change" function, and within a year can modify a member name.

however, according billion state power network understanding, the current use of "the function of the threshold is very high, demand value of 2000 points and above the naughty, require the highest score which is a member of Taobao’s equity.

billion state power network to understand, "naughty" value for the Taobao on-line in July of this year’s membership system, by the user’s purchasing power, interactive index and reputation index comprehensive evaluation of shopping. The user can query to the "member center" in the value of his naughty, naughty value of 1000 points to become Taobao super members, more than 2500 have the opportunity to be invited to Ali black club.

in fact, the current naughty value can reach 2000 points of the user is not much. There are buyers, said: buyers 2000 to wait until what year and month, renamed hopeless."


on the other hand, the member name modification function is only applicable to the buyer account.

this, many sellers said that the function is not significant. Such as "non seller is flawed…… Buyers will not be too concerned about, what is the use of eggs, the seller can not change the name of the buyer can also casually, and so on.