technology news December 29th morning news, 2016 Jingdong supermarket, shop No. 1, Tmall supermarket online super war is undoubtedly one of the most popular events in the electricity supplier industry, shop No. 1, today announced that after three months before the investment of 1 billion yuan, from now until the Spring Festival, overweight again 500 million yuan, key around the area of East China user subsidies.

Shop No. 1 mining sales department senior vice president Song Chunlei said, before the super line war, shop No. 1 is the key to consolidate ahead of Shanghai and the surrounding area, and during the festival special purchases for the Spring Festival Shop No. 1, will focus on Strategy in Hangzhou as the center and the extension of the Dahua East. By keeping the advantage of low-cost, high-quality selection of explosive materials, enhance the service experience of three core measures, invested 500 million yuan to carry out large-scale special purchases for the Spring Festival promotional activities.

according to reports, the current round of promotions will be more than a month, from February 14th until the end of the Spring Festival after from now on, which in January 9th to January 15th, Shanghai and Hangzhou city have the opportunity to get the whole point of direct orders minus 50 percent off discount. At the same time, Song Chunlei also stressed that Tmall is different from the supermarket, the shop No. 1 has self built logistics warehouse with strong, during the Spring Festival, shop No. 1 will be closed.

this year, due to Jingdong supermarket, shop No. 1, Tmall supermarkets have entered the field, the field of online supermarket has set off a number of subsidies war. The industry believes that the online supermarket as the electricity supplier in the field of the last piece of blue ocean, Jingdong Ali is bound to win. In the past, pure electricity providers play different, in this year’s super war, but also joined the Yonghui, WAL-MART and other retail giants line.

Song Chunlei think, whether it is the trend of consumer behavior or industry integration trend, in 2017 will become the decisive battle of the online supermarket. "Shop No. 1 goal is 2017 completely won the East China region online super market, and strengthen our advantage in quality, service and import commodities, firmly behind Tmall supermarket." Song Chunlei says. (Zhou Xuedie)