double 11 big promotion is approaching, it is a copy of the goods, buddies ready to buy buy buy? "The supermarket price Festival", "mobile phone screaming" hit the ground running after November 5th, Gome online double 11 "TV berserk Festival" Duang Duang attack, SHARP, SONY, SANYO, Konka, SKYWORTH, Changhong and other domestic and international famous brands of home appliances, for hundreds of millions of consumers to send home appliances feast. Among them, Konka 58 inch smart TV is below 3000 yuan, up price of 2999 yuan; a SONY 49 inch TV KD-49X8000C price 4499 yuan, down 500 yuan; Changhong 43 inch smart TV price 1899 yuan berserk. Gome online double 11 "TV berserk Festival" huge benefits of attack, in November 5th, one day only! Really let consumers do not have to wait for the double 11,

TV berserk in advance to enjoy an endless enjoyment!


Konka 65 inch color TV explosion models straight down 2000 yuan, the highest drop of 2000

as Gome online electricity supplier in the field of home appliance, the TV berserk festival activities, so that consumers is a real home province. Among them, Konka 58 inch color TV 58S1 price 2999 yuan, straight down 1300 yuan, eight core 64 intelligent LED LCD tv. The 50 inch SANYO 50CE1168R3 intelligent network LED TV 4K HD TV, berserk at a price of 2599 yuan, down 700 yuan. SONY 49 inch TV KD-49X8000C activity price of $4499, straight down $500, 4K Ultra HD, Android 5 Smart tv. Such a low price, small series can not help breaking into heart, you don’t just stand there, go



to meet the diverse needs of different consumers, the event, the United States also launched a number of different online features, different prices of high-quality color tv. For example, SHARP 70 inch TV LCD-70LX565A activity price of $9999, straight down 900 yuan, full HD smart TV, Japan’s original LCD panel. In addition, the TV Festival berserk low none can not be underestimated, Konka 65 inch TV LED65S1 price 4999 yuan, straight down 2000 yuan; and a SKYWORTH 58 inch TV 58M6 price 3999 yuan, straight down 1000 yuan, 4K built WiFi, intelligent network tv. Loved by a straight down, buddies hurry to purchase


180 liters double door refrigerator 1111 yuan tip goods explosion struck

huge benefits

of course, this year 11, as the home court of the United States online TV appliances snapped in addition to TV and cheap discount, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, as well as the whole category of small kitchen appliances huge benefits. 180 litre MeiLing fridge freezer BCD-180LC activity price 1111 yuan, transparent interior. SANYO 7 kg washing machine DB7056SN at 89>