tibetisxizang, the second point SEO contest, first look at tibetisxizang news.

SMX search conference held in Xiamen, Ni Yingwei, chairman of the General Assembly announced the search optimization contest back.

following the 2006 to 2007, tiger valley after the search engine optimization contest, search optimization contest returned again, the theme of the contest is to teach the world how to pronounce the Chinese pronunciation in Tibet. The official website is www.tibetisxizang.com.

contest rules will be announced within a week, the key word is "Tibet" and "Tibet", how to mix, how to sort, and so on the rules of the game. However, according to Ni Yingwei, from the moment he announced, you can start the competition. It is foreseeable that there are a lot of domain name will be registered, millions of English search results that appear in the short term, and quickly to the forefront of the global Internet ranking.

year of the tiger Valley contest in the start of January also quickly get nearly one million search results.

contest also opened to the industry, for industry support to deal with the huge amount of bandwidth, server access, for the contest prize for media cooperation and links.

100 abstruse cereal stick with the dream: see comments from the network marketing and tibetisxizang

100 AoguThe second point

SEO contest, the specific requirements have not come out, now it should be English SEO, the conception of teaching foreigners not only know Tibet’s "Tibet" in English, but also know the pinyin "is xizang". The stone will be more intense competition degree, of course, bonuses will be higher, there will be more people to join. May meet more general Nb, more BT (BT no derogatory, this is the Nb meaning, some represents admire) SEO method.


King’s conception is particularly good, a lot of marketing, graph king good, 100 abstruse cereal game, we will according to the more conventional techniques do not too BT (BT no derogatory, this is the Nb meaning, some represents admire).


100 abstruse cereal more conventional, the entry level is low, suitable for the majority of owners to participate in, learning, according to figure Wang wants to help the majority of small owners of the original (thank you).

tibetisxizang more forward, more sense of social responsibility, if done, we will improve the perception of seo.

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