March 8, 2010 News, according to sources, the speeding browser ( today received five million angel investment.

according to the sources of Admin5 station network reporters, angel investment for the Hubei web games network ( CEO Chen Yiguang, the investor is optimistic about speeding browser entrepreneurial team and development prospects.

webmaster network reporter then to the speeding browser site responsible person to verify the matter, the person in charge is not clear, however, that the site will be used to get financing is mainly used to improve the team, develop better products, give users a better experience, enhance competitiveness.

It is reported that

, at present close to the general user market mainly by Microsoft IE, Firefox browser, Google Chrome, apple Safari, Opera IE, the largest share of the market, followed by Firefox, and has been beyond the trend. The browser market is different from the domestic and foreign, in addition to the IE occupies the largest share, 360, such as domestic browser Maxthon, window of the world due to their excellent market strategy, over Firefox is very popular in foreign countries in the whole of the browser, the browser for exceeding the speed limit by virtue of their own close to the common people the advantages of having a space for one person in the browser market.

Data provided by the

speeding browser website, speeding browser on January 20, 2009 1.0. official release, founded by the famous Internet founder Qiao Fei. The development of just 1 years, the company has released 4 versions of the browser, the browser is currently speeding 4, new speeding browser is the biggest feature compared with Firefox, ie, Maxthon browser and browser window of the world, to support the IE6 window mode and IE7 tag mode, according to the user habits of arbitrary switching, new the universal version received, active users reached around 5 million, small famous in the industry.

with IE share continues to decline, the era of domination has ceased to exist, the browser with its own resources and advantages of each stage, occupy a certain market share, future browser format, who is more favored by the users, or need to get the strength to speak.