360 CEO Zhou Hongyi

Beijing on June 18th news, Qihoo 360 announced on Wednesday that the privatization offer from CEO Zhou Hongyi consortium. "The Wall Street journal" published online version of this article that recently a number of concept stocks listed in the United States announced the privatization of Qihoo 360, adding a boom to new heights. Analysts said 360 of the stock price in the past 52 weeks has fallen by more than 27%, while China’s A-share market is the main reason to promote the A stocks have been privatized.

in the privatization of stocks has reached a new high, the valuation reached $9 billion.

Internet service provider Qihoo 360 said Wednesday, has received a privatization offer including Chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi, the consortium, the valuation of the company for $9 billion 10 million per share of American Depositary Shares (ADS) $77. This is a private Qihoo 360 offer $66.05 Tuesday closing price premium of 17%. If the deal is successful, it will become the largest private trading company in the u.s..

A bull market in China

recently listed in the U.S. Chinese company announced the receipt of a privatization offer, the Qihoo 360 will offer the privatization concept stocks boom to a new peak. Bankers and analysts said that China’s A-share market is the main reason to promote the privatization of A stocks. So far this year, China’s main stock index rose more than 50%, private funds for the Chinese market has helped millet, drops fast and other private holding company has received tens of billions of dollars of valuation. Many private companies are planning to re launch A shares in China, bankers said.


data provider data show that so far this year, 14 Listed Companies in the United States China has received a privatization offer, the total transaction value of $22 billion 440 million, nearly 2 times over the past 6 years, the total value of the privatization transaction. Most of these companies are seeking to privatize, China Internet Corporation, which includes senior management.

in privatization transactions this year proposed, including our $3 billion 300 million privatization offer, the offer made by including the management of the group of investors. Other disclosure in recent weeks the privatization transaction is: Chinese cheap hotel chain Home Inn group said it had received a $1 billion buyout offer, Century Internet data center company received a $2 billion offer for privatization, social network, everyone received a $1 billion 100 million buyout offer.

analysts said that China’s recent regulatory policy adjustments may be conducive to the domestic stock market return. But some analysts said that these privatization offer also questioned: compared to more developed stock market, the concept of stock return to A shares is more conducive to the company’s stock trading it?

listed companies in the United States the value of the privatization of China’s total value of the transaction (including)