the evening of April 19th, launched the "Terra walstar film fund" held a grand ceremony in Beijing cultural center by actor Lan Qin in the bird’s nest. It is reported that the "Terra walstar film fund" created by walstar pictures combined with the famous actor Lan Qin fund Tairan TRW, as the spokesperson and investment advisers.

It is noted that

has always loved playing mash and "movie" the network network to bring its popular single product of Chile dew dry "fire rose" (Naynay) unveiled the conference dinner for guests tasting. "As one of the main thrust of this ecological network network products rose" backed by music as holding a huge IP resources, more numerous star resources for its propaganda can be described as "the infinite stars". It is understood that the "Rose" will occupy the entertainment screen, join music video homemade star delicacy life show "you look delicious" program in the second quarter, the realization of "wine + delicacy", "star + wine" and "wine + entertainment" in severe implantation, variety plate will convey beauty and quality of wine life gives people more love Wine.

fire rose series of products by the network network to the world’s top manufacturers Wine Chile concha group with advanced CP2C model to build the bottle, logo was inspired by a spider only in Chile is called "fire rose", a symbol of courage and love burning. The rich connotation of products "combination of wine + star" is more like nature itself. The fire rose constantly in taste, aroma, color, wine and other aspects of the pursuit of perfection, 9 kinds of fruity quiet clear, elegant finish juicy, soft and smooth, easy to drink wine as entry-level. It is understood that relying on the net wine network of large data measurement, the fire rose in a perfect seal of the Chilean Central Valley fresh and pure at the same time, also for the Chinese user taste development, for the whole scene drinking experience.


three fire rose (Naynay) wine series

it is understood that cooperation is not the wine of "fire rose" with Terra walstar Television Fund for the first time to try and entertainment stars of the cross-border integration of marketing, network network combined with 100 had previously launched the "Star Star wine", has with the famous actor Lan Qin, the famous director Zheng Xiaolong co launched the "Lan Qin juepin Lan Xiang", "Zheng Xiaolong custom wine", to show a new trend of cross-border marketing ideas, quality of life style to the outside world.

as everyone knows, owns music as pictures, flowers television, music as sports music group has always been no shortage of star resources. Well versed in the cross-border integration of the music as a powerful topic with star appeal and fans convergence ability to realize and LETV sub ecological plate collision reaction, on the other hand also meet more and more entertainment stars cross the Internet for resources amplification and realization, create greater commercial return demand. Liu Tao, Chen Kun, has become one of the most recent example of music as a sports shareholder of the.

recently invited the entertainment "half of the country" as "413 ecological shared night" is staged.