Internet domain name and digital address Distribution Agency (ICANN) is the world’s largest Internet management agency. "Global Times" reporter in an interview with the "global network", comes to mind such a scene: building heavily-guarded; security needs large server retinal scanning; red light flashing; when the war occurs, the staff sitting on a giant screen, press a button, a hostile country completely disappeared from the internet…… But when the reporter found located in the headquarters of the ICANN in Losangeles, how to feel that they are in the wrong place. No sign of the entire building ICANN, but a layer of Washington Trust Bank logo is particularly eye-catching. On the opposite side of the building is a yacht dock adjacent to the Pacific ocean. Into the building to ask the administrator, the administrator said: ICANN on the 3 floor. "Do you want to register?" "no, just go straight."   

network master "appearance is not surprising"

between reality and imagination gap so let reporters very surprised, because as to dominate the ICANN network of the world, known as the global network center. In the online world, the most critical is the URL information, if the same site, the connection will be chaotic e-mail. Therefore, it is necessary to unify the management of domain names and urls. ICANN is not only responsible for the allocation of domain names, but also control the management of the Internet main directory of all the root servers. The United States created the Internet and put a lot of money into it, the vast majority of ICANN root servers by U.S. companies, research institutions and even military control. In 2005, the heads of approximately 50 countries and 149 countries, 11 thousand delegates attended the summit held in Tunis, set up new institutions to take over the functions of the ICANN, thus weakening American monopoly on the internet. The authority with reporters so great the what one sees and hears a stark contrast.