when we do network marketing, always need to find some and target consumers to communicate the "bridge", because only through the "bridge" can make effective communication between us and the target consumers, after all, a lot of things are built on the basis of communication, to understand and trust. So we do network marketing, communication is very important.

so do not know after we do network marketing work, have found that, when we do everything possible to products or services through various means of dissemination of information, there are a lot of customers because of our promotion to these products and services are very consistent with their needs, and then purchase products, many customers have become the sleeping customers, and to not look back, then, quietly, quietly, do not take a cloud.

In fact, our

network marketing staff, it is necessary to wake the sleeping number of customers, after all, only their needs to wake up, we will be able to continue to sell our products and services, but what specific effective means can let these are "hibernation" customers wake up? We can take a look at the specific methods:

telephone marketing

believes that almost all people should receive mobile phone SMS advertising, or advertising and so on, there is no demand for this person, perhaps these ads are annoying, especially in the course of work, when you suddenly received these harassing phone, if the mood is good, but also look, or sales staff chat, especially when hearing the sound, even more so…… But if the mood is bad, or just the meeting was suddenly received such a call the boss after a little good temper, directly hang up, bad temper scolded…… It is estimated that many people should do? Although there are thousands of telephone marketing is not good, not all this, but this is the most direct and most effective means, to have a close contact of the "bridge" and target consumers, so we should consider how to let sleeping information reaches the hands of customers, and don’t let them off.


case: for example, once by the website Amoy K net KTV intended to consumers, many people become loyal customers, often call KTV KTV scheduled telephone booking, but also has many people to become dormant customers, this time, if we can through some telephone marketing means to wake up the duet K interested people? In fact, since these consumers have tried to use the K network KTV Amoy booked, so just send some of their interest in the KTV information, then successfully wake up their probability is greatly increased the.

so, from the telephone marketing, has been derived from SMS marketing, and WeChat marketing, SMS marketing as I believe many people will be very clear, but WeChat marketing is how a matter? Is the "circle of friends" marketing and public number, do some very exciting.